Flowrex - Automatic Multimedia Filter

Multimedia Water Filter is a type of water filtration of water treatment plant consisting of several layers of filter media. Each layer is progressively composed of several measures of layer roughness and depth. Layers of filter media are progressively stacked with the coarsest and densest media such as gravel at the bottom and lighter and finer media at the top.

Multimedia filters are used to reduce the level of SDI (Silt Density Index), TSS (Total Suspended Solids) in the incoming feed water or raw water. Suspended solids consist of small particles such as silt, soil, sand, organic matter, algae and other microorganisms. High suspended solids in feed water can cause a decrease in water pressure and reduce the effectiveness of filtration equipment such as reverse osmosis membranes, EDI electrode ionization, UV sterilization and water softener or demineralization, if multimedia filtration is not used as a pre-treatment.

Multimedia Filter systems commonly used include Sand Filters, Manganese Filters, and Carbon Filters. PT. Grinviro has a Multimedia filter with an automatic system where the system works automatically so it doesn't require an operator to stand by. The automatic system in operation is controlled based on the water level in the raw water reservoir and product water reservoir as well as the automatic backwash system.

How Multimedia Filtration Water Treatment Plant Works
  • The water supply (Raw Water) used for this process comes from bore well water that is accommodated in Raw Water Tanks (RWT). From RWT then pumped to sand filter sand
  • Sand Filter tank which functions to filter out impurity solids and then enter the management filter
  • Manganese Filter tank to remove iron and manganese content. Next to the Carbon filter
  • Carbon Filter Tank which functions to remove organic content that causes color, odor, and taste.
  • The product water is stored in a Clear Water Tank (CWT) which can then be transferred to various places such as toilets, mosques, etc.
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