Anapak FX - Anaerobic For GLS Separator

ANAPAK FX Anaerobic System is a technological development of the Conventional Water Waste Treatment Plant (WWTP) technology system. Anapak FX Anaerobic System is very suitable to be applied to WWTP systems with very high COD parameters with limited land. ANAPAK FX has a 3 times higher OLR (organic Load Rate) which means the reactor size is 3 times smaller and 3 times more efficient than other technologies. Anapak FX comes in the form of a Separator Module, so it supports Retrofit on all types of existing tanks on existing plants

Advantages of BIOFLOW
  • Influent COD : 2000 - 100000 mg/l
  • Influent TSS : 50 - 500 mg/l
  • Biomass level : 80% - 90% from Reactor Volume
  • Methane Composition 60%-70%
  • Applicable for all existing tanks
  • Fast Startup Granulation Process
  • Low Cost Maintenance
  • Produce biomass that can be sold to make a profit
  • Agro-industrial wastewater treatment: palm oil mills waste water, rubber factories waste water, sugar factories waste water, etc.
  • Sugar Refnary industry waste water
  • Slaughter House industry waste water
  • Food & Beverages Industry waste water
  • Pulp and Paper Industry waste water
  • Dairy Industry waste water
  • And others
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